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Leverage Your Competitive Nature in Business

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This week wraps up the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During my IndyCar days, I was fortunate to visit Rio multiple times and take in the beauty of the country. Although the racetrack was north of town (and no longer a racetrack but now facilities for the Olympics), we managed to stay near the ocean just south of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

Seeing Sugarloaf during coverage of the Olympics reminded me of the cable car ride I took to see the city from a new vantage point (and recall the scene from “Moonraker” with Roger Moore and Richard Kiel!). What a beautiful city!

The Olympics is all about competition. Sure there are amazing back-stories of the athletes, but at the end of the day, the competition is about winning medals. Athletes are competitive people. And at times, competitive people can get a bad reputation.

A competitive person is often seen as cutthroat, intimidating, arrogant, and selfish. Always focusing on winning tends to alienate people who shy away from competition. People believe that you can’t be competitive and relate well with people – especially in business.

But what if you looked at having a “competitive nature” from a new vantage point?

Athletes are competitive by nature. Even in team sports, their competitive nature drives each individual to perform at their best. The process to overcome challenges is methodical. They use a process of assessment and adjustment to make very small changes to improve performance.

Have you seen the USA swim team commercial using technology to model their stroke? Amazing! These small adjustments – driven by the competitive nature of sport and winning – produce results.

In business, having a “competitive nature” is often detested because the focus is on the negative traits. But the truth is, a strong competitive nature in business keeps you focused on achievement. My clients who have been former athletes approach challenges in a different way. They look to see what small change can have the biggest impact on their results. Business models sport.

How different would your results be if you took an “Assess and Adjust” approach to generating leads and converting clients? You would know exactly what was working. And what changes you need to make to create the results you want.

Harnessing your competitive nature challenges the status quo and makes breakthroughs possible – in your business and in your life.

Here’s your challenge: Look at your “competitive nature” from a new vantage point. Embrace the power to push yourself to achieve bigger goals…one step at a time.

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