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Meet Nadine

Let me guess . . .

. . . You got a head start in your career, but now you’ve realized you’re speeding down a road someone else mapped out for you.
. . . You’ve been checking off all the boxes to get into pole position, but now you’re there you realize, “This isn’t where I want to be.”
. . . You’re not happy. You’re stressed out more often than not, and it’s starting to affect your life outside of work.

You’ve spent your entire life in the passenger seat of somebody else’s car,
and now you’re ready to take the wheel.

And that’s where I come in. I help you notice where your strengths are, identify what you value most, and figure out where your priorities lie so that you can tap into your FULLEST potential.

My goal is to get you re-engaged, excited and (most of all) PASSIONATE about what you do, so that you can perform at your best — each and every day.

No more trying to suit somebody else’s idea of what you should be doing — this is about you redefining success on your OWN terms.

Hi, I’m Nadine Haupt — known by many as “The Breakthrough Strategist.”

I also happen to be a former trackside engineer for IndyCar, Professional Speaker, Author & Certified Business Coach.

My passion is to help motivated and results-driven individuals to break through barriers, accelerate their impact and income substantially, and fall in love with Monday mornings.

How do I do it?  With my core philosophy – “There are NO LIMITS – only choices.”

Committed to winning, but not at any cost.
Fueled by passion and driven by a dream.
And supported by a pit crew like no other.

Talking of pit crews . . .

nadineI wasn’t joking when I said I used to work for the likes of IndyCar.

In fact, I made history as the first ever female trackside engineer.

20 years ago, I was only one of a few women in my freshman mechanical engineering class at Purdue University, but I knew for certain that I wanted to work on fast cars. And so when the opportunity came up for me to spend the summer working as an engineering intern on the Dodge Viper V10 engine, I didn’t hesitate.

But it was only after earning my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and joining Chrysler Motorsport’s marketing team later on that I realized I longed for a more permanent, hands-on technical role. That’s when I took a huge risk, leaving a secure corporate job to become a trackside engine engineer. ABC, ESPN, local television news stations, and newspapers throughout the US and the world were all eager to interview the woman who successfully paved the way for women engineers in professional racing.

During the next 7 years, I navigated racing’s Good Ole’ Boys Network to work for three different engine manufacturers (Honda, Mercedes-Ilmor, and Ford Cosworth), supporting over 8 different race teams and multiple drivers. It was a blast.

Until one day, I realized I was tired.

Tired of being on the road all the time.
 Tired of living out of a suitcase. Tired of the politics and egos complicating life.

And so I made the decision to walk away. I studied for an MBA from Pepperdine University, moved back to Chicago, took a position in an engineering consulting firm as an expert witness in product liability, and ultimately secured a position as the Manager of Strategic Planning for Navistar’s Engine Group. It was there that I emerged as an industry expert and spokesperson for alternative fuels in the commercial trucking industry.

From the outside, I was wildly successful. But inside, something still felt off.

Entrepreneurship was calling my name, so I hired a coach to help me integrate all the different parts of me (the technical, the business, and the creative) in a way that would allow me to be the most successful and fulfilled…and make the biggest difference in the world…in a way that was 100% unique to me…that no one else could ever copy.

You see, it isn’t just about me and what I can do for you. It’s about so much MORE than that.

My vision is to gather together a community of like-minded professionals who are EQUALLY as passionate, EQUALLY as driven, and who are EQUALLY unafraid to break the mold; individuals brimming with potential, who support one another every step of the way.

Want in?