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Overcome OGIM Syndrome with a BIG Breakthrough


There is an epidemic emerging. It targets high achieving, results-driven individuals seeking freedom, flexibility, and financial abundance by stalling their advancement and threatening their success.

The symptoms are many, and can strike at any time. Typically, sufferers don’t see it coming. The disease can incubate for months, even years, before exposing itself in devastating and debilitating fashion. It’s called “Oh God It’s Monday” Syndrome.

OGIM, as it is most commonly referred, begins as a conscious effort to follow the advice and path of other successful individuals that ends up at a bleak destination molded by outside influences rather than internal motivation.

OGIM affects not only your professional performance and advancement, but also other significant areas of your life: personal relationships, health, wellness, finances, and social life. At it’s worst, OGIM can hijack your entire life stealing joy and happiness right out from underneath you.

You may be asking yourself, “What happened? How in the world did I get here? This isn’t what I wanted or expected.”

Listen up – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Perhaps you listened to your peers and well-meaning mentors to chart your path. Each step did bring a form of success, but not fulfillment. Even with the financial benefits, you know deep down where you are now is not where you want to be. It is costing you emotionally and financially.

Do not lose hope. There is a way out. OGIM Syndrome is a temporary condition that can be reversed. You know you are destined for greater things, but you just don’t know where to start. I can help you. How do I know? I’ve been there. Multiple times. Each time succeeding in creating opportunities, building influence, increasing my income substantially, and falling in love with Monday mornings again. (read more in my book, “Fall In Love With Monday Mornings”)

What is a BIG Breakthrough?

Deep down – you know EXACTLY what you want. Sometimes, those desires of yours don’t match up to the expectations of others. Your definition of success may be wildly different than another’s. This is why you need a community of like-minded visionaries – passionate and bold individuals who break the mold cast by society to blaze their own trail to success. And it’s precisely why I created The BIG Breakthrough Community.

All breakthroughs are not created equal. I bet you didn’t realize that. You can have a breakthrough that on the surface moves you forward. The perception is that you are getting closer, but the reality is that you might be moving further away.

What I have found – from my own journey and those of my clients – is that to achieve success AND fulfillment, you need to have BIG breakthroughs. What does that mean?

A BIG Breakthrough is BOLD, INNOVATIVE, and GENUINE.

BOLD: The ability to take risks with confidence and courage. Risk is defined as uncertainty; variability of return; the possibility of suffering loss; vulnerability. Individuals interpret the type and degree of risk differently. However you define risk, the point is you need to take more of them.

My core philosophy is “There are no limits – only choices.” When you embrace the concept that success and fulfillment are limitless, opportunity knocks. But you must be willing to push your self-imposed limits and break through the walls of your comfort zone. And that means making bold moves that involve risk.

Seeking comfort, however natural it feels, will never enable growth. No one achieves greatness by playing it safe. Complacency is dangerous. If you are not taking risks by pushing the limits of your comfort zone, you are not utilizing the capacity of your full potential.

INNOVATIVE:  Take the road not travelled. Blindly, or consciously, following the path of others may create short-term gains. But if you want a BIG breakthrough, you need to lead yourself down your own unique path.

You can learn all you want from other successful people. But, in the end, you must decide what is right for you. Find ways to leverage your time, energy and money to create the results you want. Focus on what feels right for you – not everyone else. Know that there will be times where you need to blaze your own trail to remain true to your desires. Stray too far off course, and you’ll fall victim to OGIM Syndrome.

Don’t be afraid to try something different. Innovation is the result of creativity. Be creative in your approach to overcoming obstacles and achieving results. Let go of needing to “follow the rules.” Make your own rules!

GENUINE:  This is the key to breakthrough success. Bold and innovative actions are not enough. You need alignment with your inner compass. How do you know when your actions are aligned? They FEEL right.

As a competitive and results-driven individual, you are obsessed with doing. Taking action comes easy. Where you tend to stumble is connecting your logical, strategic and structured head to the emotions of your heart.

The biggest breakthroughs – professionally and personally – always bridge the desires of your head and heart. This is what it means to be genuine in action. How do you do that? Take time to disconnect.

Give yourself the gift of stepping back from the action to get in touch with what is most important to you. Go deep. Know who you are at your core. And when you get off track, disconnect from the fast pace of “doing” and just BE. After all, we are human “beings” – not human “doings.”

When you bring these three concepts together – BOLD, INNOVATIVE, and GENUINE – you have the critical components of a BIG breakthrough. You are well on your way to success and fulfillment that is not only achievable, but also sustainable for the long term.

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