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Release What Is Holding You Back

Release What's Holding you back

Did you happen to catch the “Strawberry Moon” Monday night? Not only did we celebrate the Summer Solstice, but we also were witness to a full moon. It’s such a rare occurrence – the last time was 70 years ago!

Now, I’m not completely “woo-woo”, but you cannot deny the powerful energy of Monday night. I took full advantage of the longest day of the year to have a fire outside and absorb the serene sunset and magnificent full moon.

There is something about fires that I really love. Perhaps that’s why I really enjoy camping. I don’t need an excuse to have a fire in the morning, the afternoon, AND the evening. The crackling wood, the smoky smell, and the jumping flames mesmerize me. Relaxing by a fire helps me to unwind, let go of the thoughts running rampant through my mind, and instead get caught up in a mystery.

With the power of the full moon and summer solstice, I decided that it was a perfect night to “let go” of some things. I mean, why not? When you have that much universal energy supporting you, it felt like a perfect time to throw a few things into the fire.

What were my big 3 releases? Self-doubt, Worry, and Bad Eating Habits.

When you don’t recognize the things that are holding you back, it makes it very difficult to keep moving forward. In my book, Fall In Love With Monday Mornings, I talk about the Success Factor Mindset Model: Awareness, Attitude, and Action.

Everything starts with awareness. What are some things that you are tolerating in your business? What is preventing you from taking the action you know you need to take? How aware are you of the little things that are adding to your stress?

For me, I realized that self-doubt was creeping into my world in a way that slowed me down from taking inspired action. Worry about consistent revenues into my business was adding to my anxiety. And, well, poor nutrition choices had my body screaming at me to choose differently.

By consciously shining the light on these areas that were dragging me down, I was able to make a choice to release them. Symbolically, I wrote down each of these items on separate pieces of paper. As I sat by the fire, under the light of the “Strawberry Moon,” I dropped each one into the flames. I visualized my success and felt the tension release in my body.

Now I’m here to tell you…not all has been resolved. Yeah, I know. I admit there was a part of me hoping that this was the secret to cure all! But what I did realize is that I shifted. I shifted the energy of my thoughts, which has changed my outlook.

Did I magically release all self-doubt and worry? No. But I did change my attitude toward how it affects me. Now I can choose to build confidence, take action, and continue to move forward toward my goals. My mindset is now prepared for the road ahead.

Once you have the awareness and shift your attitude to focus on opportunities (see my last blog for another great idea on shifting the dialogue you have with yourself), then you are primed and ready for action.

Letting go has helped me to move past the excuses. It’s time to get to get into action with renewed focus and clarity for the road ahead.

What will you release this week that has been holding you back? Tell me about it in the comments.