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Motivational Business Speaker Nadine Haupt

Nadine Haupt, known as the “Breakthrough Strategist”, inspires audiences of all sizes to redefine success on their own terms so that they can feel fulfilled in EVERY area of their lives.

As the first female engineer in the professional motorsports series IndyCar – there’s nothing slow-tracked in terms of what she will teach your audience. They’ll come away exhilarated, energized, and empowered to take their career and lives to the absolute next level and never look back.

She’s insightful. Intuitive. Straight-shooting, and down to earth — and she’ll have your team or organization eager to get behind the wheel and steer their own course of success with the right tools, mindsets, and actionable strategies that can help them do that in the fastest possible way.

Nadine’s approachable, relatable, down-to-earth style coupled with a career on the fast track allows her to connect with every member of your audience. She smart, funny, engaging, and most importantly, the kind of speaker that doesn’t just pump people up for the day – she gives them real fuel and real solutions to create the lives they truly want.

Call her today. Your audience will thank you for it.

Nadine can personalize and customize programs for your organization’s specific needs.  For more information on her topics, schedule, and fees, please contact us.

Nadine Haupt Talk Summary and Bio

Her most requested topics:  

Fall in Love With Monday Mornings:

How to Powerfully Manage Change & Create Exponential Results

Picture this: A life and career where possibilities and opportunities are boundless and you actually look forward to getting to do what you love every day! Where you feel confident and creative enough to handle whatever life throws your way and make it just one more step towards your success. Not only is that possible – it’s actionable, and exactly what Nadine Haupt will share with your audience.

In this perspective-fueled session you’ll learn how to:

  • Take ownership of your career advancement and everyday life
  • Clearly define success on your terms
  • Leverage your individual diversity as a strategic advantage
  • Make the change from waiting for opportunities to consistently creating them

From Pit Lane to the Corporate Boardroom:

Leadership Lessons on Risk and Resilience

As the first female trackside engineer in IndyCar racing, taking calculated risks came with the territory. From developing race strategy to how to navigate the male-dominated pit lane full of politics, the leadership lessons learned in professional motorsports directly translated to steering through the corporate jungle gym. Without risk, there is no reward. But without resilience, success is unattainable. Ready to take your leadership team on the ride of its life fueled by exactly the right strategies that win every time? Call Nadine today.

In this engaging, content-rich session you’ll learn how:

  • To courageously brave new trails (without banging your head on the wall)
  • To perceptively define and calculate risk and why that’s important
  • To be persistent to a point – (when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em)
  • How to empower your potential and “Lead from Within
  • How to fast-track real-world results

Call her today!