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Why “Assess and Adjust” is Critical to Your Success

Assess and Adjust

Creating breakthroughs in your business and life requires a strategic, structured, and authentic approach. Without the right strategy and execution, it’s easy to veer off course and not achieve the intended results. Having a clear and focused approach drives consistency and deliberate creation.  One of my favorite quote magnets on the white board in my office is simply:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about CREATING yourself.”

As we change seasons and head into the second quarter of the year, now is the perfect time to check in with yourself and your business results to make sure you are creating momentum in the right direction.  When I work privately with clients, we focus on the five steps to “Reignite Your D.R.I.V.E.”  Each step is critical to achieving a balanced approach to getting results. Once we get clarity, release interferences, identify the gaps, and visualize success, we dive into “E” – Execute the strategy and Engage in Action.

On the surface, this part seems straight forward. Take the action plan and do the work. However, there is an often overlooked and critical piece to this step: Assess and Adjust.

Often, I see a client with their head down, plowing through the “to do” list....

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Overcome OGIM Syndrome with a BIG Breakthrough


There is an epidemic emerging. It targets high achieving, results-driven individuals seeking freedom, flexibility, and financial abundance by stalling their advancement and threatening their success.

The symptoms are many, and can strike at any time. Typically, sufferers don’t see it coming. The disease can incubate for months, even years, before exposing itself in devastating and debilitating fashion. It’s called “Oh God It’s Monday” Syndrome.

OGIM, as it is most commonly referred, begins as a conscious effort to follow the advice and path of other successful individuals that ends up at a bleak destination molded by outside influences rather than internal motivation.

OGIM affects not only your professional performance and advancement, but also other significant areas of your life: personal relationships, health, wellness, finances, and social life. At it’s worst, OGIM can hijack your entire life stealing joy and happiness right out from underneath you.

You may be asking yourself, “What happened? How in the world did I get here? This isn’t what I wanted or expected.”

Listen up – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Perhaps you listened to your peers and well-meaning mentors to chart your path. Each step did bring a form of success, but not fulfillment. Even with the financial benefits, you know deep down where you are now is not where you want to be....

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Lucy’s Legacy – Life Lessons for Success

Lucy's Legacy

It’s been just a little over two weeks since I said a tearful and loving good-bye to my Chief Motivating Officer, best friend, and co-pilot. Lucy was an incredible soul that graced my life journey for nearly 13 years. Always there for the ups and downs – including the planning and execution of launching my own business. It’s still hard to believe she’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge and no longer nudging me under my desk.

In the midst of the sorrow, life and business move on. I continue to serve my clients, build partnerships, and grow the BIG Breakthrough community. Staying busy helps ease the pain. But today I wanted to share with you something special from the heart. To gift you a bit of the wisdom I learned from loving and caring for my beautiful pup.

From silly antidotes, road trips, camping, hiking, beach combing and just hanging out at home, Lucy left me many nuggets of wisdom. I could easily write a book – as I’m sure many of you with pets in your lives could do – on the life lessons she taught me. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Meditate Daily

Every morning, Lucy had her routine....

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Leverage Your Competitive Nature in Business

8-part Non-Woven Mural

This week wraps up the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During my IndyCar days, I was fortunate to visit Rio multiple times and take in the beauty of the country. Although the racetrack was north of town (and no longer a racetrack but now facilities for the Olympics), we managed to stay near the ocean just south of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

Seeing Sugarloaf during coverage of the Olympics reminded me of the cable car ride I took to see the city from a new vantage point (and recall the scene from “Moonraker” with Roger Moore and Richard Kiel!). What a beautiful city!

The Olympics is all about competition. Sure there are amazing back-stories of the athletes, but at the end of the day, the competition is about winning medals. Athletes are competitive people. And at times, competitive people can get a bad reputation.

A competitive person is often seen as cutthroat, intimidating, arrogant, and selfish. Always focusing on winning tends to alienate people who shy away from competition. People believe that you can’t be competitive and relate well with people – especially in business.

But what if you looked at having a “competitive nature” from a new vantage point?

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Mastermind for Business Success


One of the secrets of my entrepreneurial success has been the fact I sought out a mentor and joined a business mastermind community. Just last week I spent 3 days in San Diego with my peeps to assess, adjust, and create new goals for my business.

Within the mastermind, I have developed business partnerships, life-long friendships, and accountability partners. They have helped me to see where I’m getting in my own way and supported me to push through obstacles.

In fact, that’s me discussing new ideas with my fellow mastermind entrepreneurs Amy Andrews of Feel Good Again HealthTeena Evert of Ignite Love Now, and Anne Dickenson of Eye On Your Business. If you are looking to improve your health, find true love, or make more money in your business you must check out their work.

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is chock full of wisdom for entrepreneurs and results-driven individuals. One of his critical points is that successful people are not going it alone. Using the collective mind of other success-minded individuals pushes you toward greatness. He calls it the “Master Mind.”

“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definitive purpose.”  – Napoleon Hill

The concept of a mastermind is not new....

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VIDEO: Using Speaking to Grow Your Business

Do you use speaking (or would like to start) to market your business but struggle to actually generate leads or sell anything?

I was recently interviewed by for their video podcast.  Jim Waszak and I had a great time talking about racing as well as how to leverage speaking to build and grow your business.  Find out how to structure an effective talk, where to speak, and understand the power of great storytelling.

Check it out here: (it’s less than 20 minutes)

What was your biggest takeaway from the interview?


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Maintaining Momentum


Maintaining momentum in your business can get difficult through the lazy, hazy days of summer. It can be all to easy stray off the path, slow down, and get stuck. Clients and customers may take vacations, shift priorities, or seem hard to find, but that doesn’t mean that your business needs to go stagnate.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you maintain momentum during the summer months:

Keep Your Routine

The first hour after you wake up in the morning is often referred to as the “Golden Hour.” According to this article by the National Institutes of Health, our brains are hard at work de-cluttering and detoxifying as we sleep. What does that mean? Our brains are super clean first thing in the morning. Successful people have long known that this “Golden Hour” is the best time to establish a routine to prepare for a highly productive day.

If you don’t have a morning ritual, it’s time to get one. Movement, mediation, journaling are all great ways to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physical for the hours ahead. This daily routine will keep you on track even in the most distracting times of the year.

Set a Short-term goal

It can be easy to lose focus during the summer months, particularly if you have been holed up inside all winter long....

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What’s the BEST That Can Happen?

A mature woman pruning a bush

Summer is here in Chicago. Now that I’m back from the Outer Banks, it’s time to do some outside work around the house. After a wet spring, all my bushes needed trimming this weekend. So, after the heat wave passed, I was out in the yard on Sunday taking care of business.

I am blessed with amazing neighbors all around me. We get together for dinner, drink wine, enjoy evening fires, and chat over the fence. My neighbor, Denny, who lives behind me, walked over to the fence when he saw me pulling weeds.

“Hey, Nadine! How’s business?” Denny enthusiastically yelled.

“Doing good.” He sensed the hesitation in my response. Honestly, things were going okay, just not great. Heading into the summer months, it seems to get more difficult to get the attention of prospective clients. Always a challenge to keep up the momentum.

We continued to talk about life – sadness over the events in Orlando over the weekend – briefly about politics (we are on opposite ends), and, as always, he gives me some tips on business. Denny, now retired, was a successful salesman and businessman throughout his career, so I enjoy hearing his perspective on a common challenge for every entrepreneur – lead generation and sales conversion....

What Does It Mean To Surrender?


Are you sick and tired of pushing hard, taking action, trying to make things happen in your business with no concrete results? It can feel as if you are running the hamster wheel every single day. Sure, you are getting exercise, but not moving forward. You are still stuck in that same wheel.

Throughout my career, I always had the notion that if I just worked harder, had more focus, and was persistent; everything would fall in to place. For the most part, that worked for me. Forcing myself into consistent action did create results. But I was exhausted. All that extra energy put into “making” things happen depleted my reserves. I pursued results I thought I wanted, but in the end, I was miserable, tired, and unhappy.

As I got older – and wiser – I started to notice the effect that my own energy had on my well-being. At times, it felt invigorating to push hard. That’s when passion was fueling my actions. However, there were other times when pushing hard was stressful, driven by adrenalin in a fight or flight response just to move one step ahead.

Life, as in business, has an ebb and flow. There are times when things flow easily....

You Need to Take More Risks


Sir Sterling Moss, arguably the greatest all-around racing driver in history and icon of the motorsports world, knew something about risks and reward. Out of the 375 competitive races Moss finished during his professional racing career, he won an astonishing 212. All those wins did not come by taking the less challenging route.

“To achieve anything in this game you must be prepared to dabble in the boundary of disaster.” – Sterling Moss

The same can be said for achieving spectacular results in life. How many times have you been richly rewarded for taking the safe and easy path? My guess – not many.

Wildly successful people are comfortable with risk. They embrace the challenge and uncertainly of risk. After all, with risk comes reward. But don’t be fooled. Not all risk is created equal.

Risk can come in multiple forms. Crazy ass or calculated. Dumb or smart. There is a time and place for both types of risks. In fact, people may characterize risks differently. You may characterize sky diving as a dumb, crazy ass risk. Who wants to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? (Actually, I do. It’s on my bucket list.)

Another person may believe sky diving in tandem with an experienced diver is actually a worthwhile calculated risk....

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