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There Is Still Time To Make A Change

Girl with a choice near the forked road

Lately, I’ve been on a Led Zeppelin kick. Every so often, I find myself listening to the soulful sounds and lyrics of my all time favorite band. Some times it’s about nostalgia. Other times it’s about kicking myself in the butt to move forward.

The transition from the corporate world into entrepreneurship has been quite the journey. When I took the leap almost 2 years ago, I thought I had everything figured out. Yeah, right. I had some things in order – a plan, money in the bank, a website, and speaking engagements. But then there were things that came up that I had no idea were around the corner.

For instance, my network. With 20 years of experience in multiple industries spanning corporations, niche businesses, and consulting firms, I had tons of contacts to help build my business. Except, now I was in the entrepreneurial camp – not corporate. Who knew that I would end up feeling so alone? The mindset is completely different. I needed a new network of like-minded individuals.

Through this transition, I have been undergoing a transformation of sorts. Of course, I didn’t realize it until recently. My overly analytical and logical mind was getting the best of me....

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3 Quick Tips To Reduce Overwhelm….and an Invitation

A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage

You have all these terrific IDEAS of how to grow your business and bring in more clients. But for some reason, those ideas stay stuck in your head.

How many times do you re-write the same projects on your To Do List every week? You have great INTENTIONS of implementing that new strategy or lead generation tool in your business, but you keep making excuses on why you aren’t doing anything about it.

Getting stuck and remaining stagnate happens to all of us. Some people choose to stay where they are. Lack luster results, draining energy, and added stress. Other people make the decision to change. Try something new, learn from the experience, and increase the impact on their bottom line.

I recently hosted a 10-day virtual event called “Hot Prospects, Cold Cash.” It was an amazing event for entrepreneurs to learn from 20 top experts in lead generation and sales conversion so they can build a revenue-generating machine. (It’s not to late to get access to these proven strategies and techniques – go to to find out more!)

The challenge I see after this event is that now you are armed with great new ideas to grow your business, but no idea on how to implement them all for the best results....

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Lead Magnet: How to Leverage Speaking to Find Prospects

NHaupt speaking

How successful are you in leveraging speaking as a lead generation tool in your business?

Honestly, I thought I had this technique all figured out when I launched F.A.S.T. Women in Business in 2014. Speaking was second nature to me. Heck, I’ve been speaking to audiences (and anyone who would listen to me!) since I was a teenager. Throughout my career, I spoke on the big stage at industry conferences, taught breakout sessions, trained sales and dealer operations personnel, and successfully sold my big ideas to executive management. Small intimate groups or massive auditoriums – it didn’t matter. I loved sharing my knowledge in fun, interactive ways.

So, when I first started on the speaking circuit for my own business, I followed the structures that had been successful for me in the past. Heavy content, lots of teaching, and sharing my expertise. The audiences were amazed and grateful for all the information. But getting members of the audience to want more or to schedule a consultation call with me was non-existent. They loved my material, but I had no way to engage them further.

What I came to realize was that the structure I was using from my past experiences did not work in this new environment....

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Hot Prospects, Cold Cash

hand attracts money with a large red magnet

Are you sick and tired of riding the revenue roller coaster in your business? Ready to FINALLY create a steady stream of qualified leads that convert into high paying clients?

On of the top challenges my clients face is attracting new prospects to build consistent cash flow into their business. Even if you think your business is unique, let’s face it – attracting new clients is not rocket science. There are proven strategies and techniques to invite pursuit from your ideal client. When clients easily see the value in working or buying from you, the sale is easy.

I interviewed 20 experts in lead generation and sales conversion for my upcoming virtual event “Hot Prospects, Cold Cash.” They are enjoying more freedom, flexibility, and financial independence because they are utilizing proven strategies and techniques that build a revenue generating machine for their business.

Our featured expert, the Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa Sasevich, will share her insider secrets on how to book more sales using irresistible offers. You will learn tactics on how to leverage speaking, writing a book, video, Facebook advertising, and LinkedIn. You will also gain insight on how to convert high ticket sales in less than 90 minutes, tips to enhance your money mindset, prepare for an online launch, host your own live event, and hire the right support team to achieve the biggest results....

What Does It Mean To Surrender?


Are you sick and tired of pushing hard, taking action, trying to make things happen in your business with no concrete results? It can feel as if you are running the hamster wheel every single day. Sure, you are getting exercise, but not moving forward. You are still stuck in that same wheel.

Throughout my career, I always had the notion that if I just worked harder, had more focus, and was persistent; everything would fall in to place. For the most part, that worked for me. Forcing myself into consistent action did create results. But I was exhausted. All that extra energy put into “making” things happen depleted my reserves. I pursued results I thought I wanted, but in the end, I was miserable, tired, and unhappy.

As I got older – and wiser – I started to notice the effect that my own energy had on my well-being. At times, it felt invigorating to push hard. That’s when passion was fueling my actions. However, there were other times when pushing hard was stressful, driven by adrenalin in a fight or flight response just to move one step ahead.

Life, as in business, has an ebb and flow. There are times when things flow easily....

What Type of Thinker Are You?

Businesswoman and question mark drawn in chalk on blackboard

Over the years, I have noticed that there are two types of thinkers. Knowing what type of thinker you are will greatly help your effectiveness as well as lessen your stress level. When the way you think is opposite to the culture of the organization you are in, it’s no surprise that you will feel frustrated. Honestly, once I figured this out for myself, it made it easy for me to see that the best place for me was entrepreneurship.

Are you a “Process Thinker?”

In this case, most of your conversations are about the process. Logic prevails. You typically are engrossed with the steps and following a specific plan. If you’re embedded in this type of thinking, you tend to rely on what has worked in the past. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

There are exceptions. You can still be a process thinker with new ideas on how to change a process. However, if the organization is resistant to change, you will end up annoyed. Process thinking thrives in repeatable environments, for instance, manufacturing. In fact, many detail thinkers are process driven to create specific results.

Process thinkers congregate successfully in corporate organizations. The corporate mindset is built around process....

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