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Why “Assess and Adjust” is Critical to Your Success

Assess and Adjust

Creating breakthroughs in your business and life requires a strategic, structured, and authentic approach. Without the right strategy and execution, it’s easy to veer off course and not achieve the intended results. Having a clear and focused approach drives consistency and deliberate creation.  One of my favorite quote magnets on the white board in my office is simply:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about CREATING yourself.”

As we change seasons and head into the second quarter of the year, now is the perfect time to check in with yourself and your business results to make sure you are creating momentum in the right direction.  When I work privately with clients, we focus on the five steps to “Reignite Your D.R.I.V.E.”  Each step is critical to achieving a balanced approach to getting results. Once we get clarity, release interferences, identify the gaps, and visualize success, we dive into “E” – Execute the strategy and Engage in Action.

On the surface, this part seems straight forward. Take the action plan and do the work. However, there is an often overlooked and critical piece to this step: Assess and Adjust.

Often, I see a client with their head down, plowing through the “to do” list....

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Lucy’s Legacy – Life Lessons for Success

Lucy's Legacy

It’s been just a little over two weeks since I said a tearful and loving good-bye to my Chief Motivating Officer, best friend, and co-pilot. Lucy was an incredible soul that graced my life journey for nearly 13 years. Always there for the ups and downs – including the planning and execution of launching my own business. It’s still hard to believe she’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge and no longer nudging me under my desk.

In the midst of the sorrow, life and business move on. I continue to serve my clients, build partnerships, and grow the BIG Breakthrough community. Staying busy helps ease the pain. But today I wanted to share with you something special from the heart. To gift you a bit of the wisdom I learned from loving and caring for my beautiful pup.

From silly antidotes, road trips, camping, hiking, beach combing and just hanging out at home, Lucy left me many nuggets of wisdom. I could easily write a book – as I’m sure many of you with pets in your lives could do – on the life lessons she taught me. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Meditate Daily

Every morning, Lucy had her routine....

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3 Quick Tips To Reduce Overwhelm….and an Invitation

A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage

You have all these terrific IDEAS of how to grow your business and bring in more clients. But for some reason, those ideas stay stuck in your head.

How many times do you re-write the same projects on your To Do List every week? You have great INTENTIONS of implementing that new strategy or lead generation tool in your business, but you keep making excuses on why you aren’t doing anything about it.

Getting stuck and remaining stagnate happens to all of us. Some people choose to stay where they are. Lack luster results, draining energy, and added stress. Other people make the decision to change. Try something new, learn from the experience, and increase the impact on their bottom line.

I recently hosted a 10-day virtual event called “Hot Prospects, Cold Cash.” It was an amazing event for entrepreneurs to learn from 20 top experts in lead generation and sales conversion so they can build a revenue-generating machine. (It’s not to late to get access to these proven strategies and techniques – go to to find out more!)

The challenge I see after this event is that now you are armed with great new ideas to grow your business, but no idea on how to implement them all for the best results....

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Being Fearless: How to “Fear Less”


Ever feel like the universe is conspiring against you? I don’t mean that only bad things are happening. Rather, that you can feel at your core that there is a lesson to be learned here but you can’t quite see what the heck it is.

I’ve been going through a lesson of sorts. Only recently have I started to figure out perhaps what this life-altering lesson is really all about.

When I was starting my business and working on my branding, I loved the FAST Woman in Business concept. It embraced my essence as a powerful professional woman with a nod to my experience in professional motorsport. But, I felt it needed a bit more of a descriptor. That’s when I arrived at the acronym for F.A.S.T. – Fearless, Ambitious, Strong, Trailblazing.

Being “Fearless” is one of those concepts that we inherently think we understand, but in reality we are conflicted by it. Can anyone be truly fearless? I’m not sure. But if we separate the word slightly, I believe the core energy behind the word comes through.


Yes. Simply fear less. Whether you are coming up on a breakthrough, or working through difficult times, it’s easy to get caught up in the fear of the unknown....

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Do What You WANT


It was October 27, 2007. As I boarded my Southwest flight from Chicago to Los Angeles, my mind was cluttered. I was looking forward to the next 3 ½ hours to decompress, sort out my thoughts, and rest. The trip had been planned for weeks. Off to celebrate my best friend’s milestone birthday. A weekend away with old friends was just what I needed to get out of my funk.

Instead of resting and relaxing on the flight, though, my mind was racing. Stress and anxiety filled my body. My job was stagnating. I had been at the firm almost 4 years and did not see any real path for advancement. Finances were ho-hum. I made enough to live comfortably and save some, but nothing extraordinary.

My romantic relationship made me feel like I was stuck in mud. After nearly 3 years together, we had reached that proverbial fork in the road – were we walking down the same path or headed in different directions? Oh, how I wish I knew! My body was giving me signals, but I was ignoring them. I wasn’t working out or eating as well as I knew I should be, and my energy levels were low....

What Type of Thinker Are You?

Businesswoman and question mark drawn in chalk on blackboard

Over the years, I have noticed that there are two types of thinkers. Knowing what type of thinker you are will greatly help your effectiveness as well as lessen your stress level. When the way you think is opposite to the culture of the organization you are in, it’s no surprise that you will feel frustrated. Honestly, once I figured this out for myself, it made it easy for me to see that the best place for me was entrepreneurship.

Are you a “Process Thinker?”

In this case, most of your conversations are about the process. Logic prevails. You typically are engrossed with the steps and following a specific plan. If you’re embedded in this type of thinking, you tend to rely on what has worked in the past. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

There are exceptions. You can still be a process thinker with new ideas on how to change a process. However, if the organization is resistant to change, you will end up annoyed. Process thinking thrives in repeatable environments, for instance, manufacturing. In fact, many detail thinkers are process driven to create specific results.

Process thinkers congregate successfully in corporate organizations. The corporate mindset is built around process....

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The Importance of Leadership Culture for Success

Leader of Teamwork Background # Vector

Finding the right organization and culture to thrive in is a personal endeavor. What works for some, may not work for others. You have to be able to fit within the structure and character of a company to perform at your best. For women in male-dominated industries, this can be an uphill battle. But remember, you always have choices.

First, you have to figure out what you want. Get clear and focused on your own strengths, values, priorities, and goals. Understand your career aspirations and goals. Only you can determine what is best for you. Then, evaluate your organization and culture.

Ultimately, to be successful you need to find a corporate culture with men that have a strong desire to support and advance women. Culture is driven from the top down. Leadership defines the values, and more importantly, the behaviors of a culture and organization. These values show up significantly in overall decision-making and how to promote within.

Aileron, a national non-profit organization dedicated to unleashing the potential of private businesses through professional management, defines culture as the “values and beliefs as demonstrated through the real behavior of the organization.” This definition captures the heart of the issue.

An organization can have stated values and beliefs that define their culture....

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Building Rapport for Successful Leadership

Business woman at the office ready to work

Know any personalities at your workplace that rub you the wrong way? Chances are you do. Friction, by definition, is the resistance of motion when object rubs against another. There are plenty of high friction personalities in the business world. Some are successful, but their leadership methods are often shortsighted and fear inducing to their teams.

Successful leaders understand that building rapport is the grease that reduces friction in the machine of business. Whether you are in sales, marketing, engineering, finance, or human resources, reducing friction allows people to collaborate in a way that is forward moving and productive.

Rapport is an emotional bond or friendly relationship between people based on a mutual liking, trust, and an understanding that they share each other’s concerns. The best leaders create rapport with everyone – their team members, colleagues, managers, shareholders, stakeholders, customers, and clients. These leaders often generate win-win solutions that build upon that trust that was developed over time.

Fortunately, building rapport and the level of trust and understanding that great leaders embody is a skill that has been studied for years. Here are five proven ways to build rapport with everyone you meet.

1.  Pay attention to how you show up – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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Hayley Wickenheiser

Hayley & Nadine

Hayley & NadineEarlier this spring, I had the opportunity to meet and hear Hayley Wickenheiser speak in Toronto. Hayley is a Four-time Women’s Hockey Olympic Gold Medalist and the 2014 Olympic Flag Bearer for Canada. As you can see, she even brought the hardware to “show and tell.”

Her inspirational story spoke of the hard work and passion to achieve greatness. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of competition (and for those of you who don’t recall…..Canada pulled out the 2014 Olympic Gold Medal victory from the United States, yet again, in spectacular overtime fashion) Harder to comprehend the massive amount of preparation, determination, and toughness required to savor it.

“The Olympics,” Hayley said, “was all about performance on demand.” The preparation of the team leading up to those final games was the difference. Energy management – physical, mental and emotional – was the name of the game. How do you get through the grueling competition, injury setbacks, and continue to push forward? “You are never out of the game. It’s important not to listen to the critical opinions of others.”

As she spoke on leadership, she spoke about how to “blossom where you are planted.” There were times when the circumstances were perfect – right teammates, perfect coach....