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Prepare for 2017: Goal Setting for Winners

Goal setting

Welcome to the unofficial start of autumn! This is my favorite time of year – the beautiful colors in nature, cool crisp weather, and pumpkin bread! Although I’d rather be switching out my wardrobe to comfy sweaters and boots this week (except it’s near 90F in Chicago), I decided it was time to look ahead to 2017 and start with some business goal setting.

Being the logical and structured person I am, I opened up an Excel spreadsheet and started to put together some numbers. I took a realistic swipe at my intentions and was quite pleased with the results. The numbers worked out to support my business and personal goals. But the numbers alone didn’t feel right.

The standard wisdom for achieving any goals that they should be SMART: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Driven. This framework is helpful in curing the common pitfalls of goal setting – irrelevance and ambiguity. However, this structure does nothing to capture motivation and vision.

Quite frankly, it feels clunky and as if something critical is missing.

When I work with clients, and on my own business, I utilize a slightly different approach to goal setting and execution. Vision and desire are equally important in growth and business building....

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Owning Your Worth

Money falling on a business woman

When someone asks you what are you worth, how do you answer?

If you are like most, the first thought that comes to mind is around your current salary, revenue projection, or perhaps the amount of money you hold in savings and investments. The financial aspect of “worth” is important and fundamental in how we perceive the value of our work. However, there is another aspect of worth that is actually more important than the financial data – your own BELIEF of what you are worth. 

We tend to underestimate the value of our worth, and, in the process, overcompensate to make up the difference.

How many times have you found yourself taking on more responsibility, putting forth more effort than your counterparts, or over preparing for a meeting or presentation? I’ve done it myself. You overcompensate to avoid the judgment of others that expect you to perform or live up to a certain ideal.

How can you combat this tempting ploy?

By knowing and living your deepest values, developing clarity on your purpose, and maintaining a strong, powerful belief in yourself.

Identifying your values allows you to turn the focus internally to gain clarity of purpose. When your values are compromised, your performance will be affected....

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The Importance of Leadership Culture for Success

Leader of Teamwork Background # Vector

Finding the right organization and culture to thrive in is a personal endeavor. What works for some, may not work for others. You have to be able to fit within the structure and character of a company to perform at your best. For women in male-dominated industries, this can be an uphill battle. But remember, you always have choices.

First, you have to figure out what you want. Get clear and focused on your own strengths, values, priorities, and goals. Understand your career aspirations and goals. Only you can determine what is best for you. Then, evaluate your organization and culture.

Ultimately, to be successful you need to find a corporate culture with men that have a strong desire to support and advance women. Culture is driven from the top down. Leadership defines the values, and more importantly, the behaviors of a culture and organization. These values show up significantly in overall decision-making and how to promote within.

Aileron, a national non-profit organization dedicated to unleashing the potential of private businesses through professional management, defines culture as the “values and beliefs as demonstrated through the real behavior of the organization.” This definition captures the heart of the issue.

An organization can have stated values and beliefs that define their culture....

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