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Tell Your Powerful Story to Connect With Clients

Telling Your Powerful Story

Last week I went to a networking luncheon that I attend regularly. It’s a great group of entrepreneurs who break bread each month to learn about one another and talk business. There is the usual crowd of 20 to 30 that we see most every month. And we always attract about 10 to 15 new folks. I really enjoy this group because the focus is on getting to really know one another. Truly learning about who they are and not just trying to sell someone on your product or service.

Before lunch, I met a wonderful health coach who helps people not only lose weight but also live healthier lives. I caught up with some friends and then sat down for the presentation. After lunch, we all get an opportunity to introduce ourselves and the sponsors speak a bit about their businesses.

One colleague I have known for a while was a sponsor. When she got up to speak, I pretty much knew about her business. But she switched it up this time. Instead, she told the powerful story of WHY she chose this business to pour her heart and soul into.

Oddly enough – I thought I knew her. But I did not know her whole story.

She shared how difficult it was to watch both her parents suffer from degenerative diseases as they aged. They had saved diligently for a wonderful retirement full of travel. Instead, all their hard work went to care. Her mother spent 4 years in a wheelchair unable to play with the grandchildren. Her father’s mind withered away. She spoke with such emotion and detail. We were all absorbed in her pain and struggle.

It made perfect sense that her business was in nutritional supplements. She walked us through the turning point in her life when she decided to take action. As a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, she wanted to be healthy and active to get on the floor with the kids and play. For over 13 years, she has not only sold these products, but has used them herself. The impact of her story was profound. You could feel her passion and see the results.

Connecting your powerful story of WHY you went into the business you chose is a perfect way to connect with your audience.

When you can tell your story – whether in a talk or just meeting someone at an event – you create an intimate connection to your own passion. People cannot only see your enthusiasm; they can FEEL it as well.

Here’s a simple 4-step formula to develop your own impactful story.


Begin by telling the audience about how things used to be. Get into the pain and struggle you faced. Connect with emotion. Describe the details. Lead the audience with your own emotions.


What prompted you to take action? What was the event or crossroad you encountered that pushed you to make a decision? Get specific. Was it do or die?


This is where you tell your audience about the discovery you made that changed your life or business. Essentially, it’s your “Ah-ha” moment. Did you find a mentor, program or product that shifted everything for you? It could be recognition of a process you had been following but never realized it before.


It’s all about the outcome! Explain to your audience exactly what happened to you once you took action. Paint a vivid picture of the compelling future you created for yourself and how audience members can also achieve. Show them that you have the expertise that will make the difference should they choose to work with you.

Remember – prospects buy on EMOTION and justify with logic.

Craft your powerful story by engaging emotion to highlight the pain and suffering while leading them to the destination of success. Trust me. Your business bottom line will thank me for this.

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