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What Does It Mean To Surrender?


Are you sick and tired of pushing hard, taking action, trying to make things happen in your business with no concrete results? It can feel as if you are running the hamster wheel every single day. Sure, you are getting exercise, but not moving forward. You are still stuck in that same wheel.

Throughout my career, I always had the notion that if I just worked harder, had more focus, and was persistent; everything would fall in to place. For the most part, that worked for me. Forcing myself into consistent action did create results. But I was exhausted. All that extra energy put into “making” things happen depleted my reserves. I pursued results I thought I wanted, but in the end, I was miserable, tired, and unhappy.

As I got older – and wiser – I started to notice the effect that my own energy had on my well-being. At times, it felt invigorating to push hard. That’s when passion was fueling my actions. However, there were other times when pushing hard was stressful, driven by adrenalin in a fight or flight response just to move one step ahead.

Life, as in business, has an ebb and flow. There are times when things flow easily. Other times, the flow feels more like a river full of boulders creating rushing rapids. And then you come up to the beaver dam – choking off the flow of the river. Can you relate?

Recently, I found myself tense and fraught with anxiety about the lack of new qualified leads into my business. I had been following my plan, executing the strategy, and making some headway. But the results I wanted – and expected – weren’t there. The flow that my funnel was supposed to be creating was like a clogged drain. Some water was getting through, but very, very slowly.

A mentor told me to “surrender.” My first reaction to that idea was “No way!” Surrender felt like waving the white flag in battle. Giving up before winning the prize. I put forth so much effort at this point, I wasn’t forfeiting now. My first instinct was to change direction, try something different, push harder. That’s what I always did in the past, why change now?

My wise mentor pointed out to me that I would be doing something “different” if I just allowed the process to unfold.

Surrender wasn’t about giving up. It was letting go and allowing things to flow effortlessly.

I had metrics to measure my actions. So I could clearly see I wasn’t just sitting on the couch expecting things to just happen. The process I had in place was working, just not at the speed I wanted. I was creating my own anxiety trying to force results to meet the goals I had set for myself.

All I can really control are the actions I take on a daily and weekly basis. The outcome is the outcome. Shifting my focus to the measurable activities that would create the opportunity for my goals to be met would allow me to control the few things I actually could control and let go of the actual outcome.

Surrender is about staying present. The only thing we have is now.

As long as we choose our thoughts, behaviors, and actions in alignment with our highest values, we will move forward. Building this momentum in our business and our lives allows the flow of abundance, success, wealth, and growth to easily stream through us.

“The next message you need is always right where you are.” – Ram Dass

I decided to give it a try. Trust. Allow. Let go. Did I stop taking action? Of course not. But my actions came from a different source of energy. No longer was I pushing out of fear or worry. Instead, I came from a place of knowing. Confidence that the actions I took would bear the fruit I desired.

Not only did my life flow easier – less stress, more joy – business picked up. Opportunities were everywhere. As I said before, there is an ebb and flow to our lives and our businesses.

It’s Springtime, and the daffodils are beginning to appear. There is tremendous energy spent as a seedling opens and breaks through the dirt. Once it breaks through, sunshine and rain feed the young plant to help it grow. Eventually, the flower bud appears and at exactly the right time, it opens itself to show its beauty to the world. There is no struggle. The flower allows growth to occur and receives the warmth of the sun and the nourishment of the rain. It surrenders to the flow of life. And the outcome is amazing.

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